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Study Abroad: Is it Right for You?
Study Abroad: Is it Right for You?

Online Degrees: Advantages and Disadvantages

Culture Shock: Adjusting to a New Environment

Online ESL Study: Preparing Before You Go?

ESL Study Programs: Picking the Ideal School

Scholarships: Do I Qualify?

TOEFL Preparation: How and Why?

Homestay: What Can I Expect?

International Health Insurance: Do I Really Need It?

Culture Shock 2: Returning Home


The interest in studying abroad, particularly in ESL, is on the rise around the world as students seek to obtain a university degree from traditional or online schools to advance their job opportunities. However, students need to decide if studying abroad will help them reach their objectives.

First, try to determine whether studying abroad will really help you in your future or if going overseas is just a fad or rite of passage for citizens in your country. Ask people who have studied overseas if the experience has helped them educationally and financially in the long run.

Second, consider what impact studying abroad will have on your family. Will it be a financial burden to study overseas? What are your family's expectations for you once you return to your country?

Third, think about whether you really are flexible and open-minded enough to endure the challenges of adjusting to a foreign culture. If you feel comfortable with your answers to these questions, then you should proceed and look into studying abroad in more detail.

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