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Homestay: What Can I Expect?
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Homestay: What Can I Expect?

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Homestay can be a wonderful experience for international students if they find the right family that is concerned about them AND if students have realistic expectations on what the homestay experience will be like.

First of all, be sure to make contact with a reputable agency that handles such homestays. Ask around and talk to people who have used these different services to see if they were satisfied with their placement. How long has the homestay company been in business? Will then allow you to contact students who have been placed through them to discuss their experience with the placement process? Are the fees charged reasonable and comparable to other such companies? Do your homework before you decide on a homestay placement program.

However, even if you get the ideal family, much of the burden on whether the homestay experience is a success rests on you. International students need to realize that each family is different, and there might be rules that they must abide by including curfew (the time when you need to be home at night), having guests over, assigned chores, and use of the telephone. When you sign up for a homestay, you might be expected to be an active member of the family rather than a simple guest. Be prepared to help and following the household rules.

If this is your first time away from home, you might view homestay as freedom away from the rules of your own house. Don't abuse it.

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