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Do I Really Need It?
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International Health Insurance: Do I Really Need It?

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Pre-Listening Note: Students have options to purchase insurance to protect them as they travel. Listen to the recording below to understand why this is so important.

So, you might ask what the relationship is between studying abroad and getting good health insurance. The answer is everything. One unexpected medical emergency can drain your financial resources, leaving you with no money to pay for school. As a result, many students have no choice but to return to their countries.

You really have two basic choices for health insurance: obtain international insurance (if applicable) in your home country before you depart or student health insurance once you arrive. As for the first option, you'll have to pay the medical costs in full on your own and then submit medical forms and receipts to the insurance company to be reimbursed. If you have sufficient funds, then this won't be a problem.

As for the second option, you'll probably just have to pay a certain percentage, and the company will pay their part.

Whatever you do, be sure to clearly understand the terms of the agreement you sign with the insurance company. There are often a number of limitations and restrictions with the policy, and understanding them up front will reduce the number of misunderstandings that could arise.

Unfortunately, many students only think about insurance when it is too late as they sit in the hospital's emergency room. Get insurance to help you pay for your medical expenses; otherwise, you might not have money for tomorrow's school tuition.

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