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Online ESL Study:
Preparing Before You Go?
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Online ESL Study: Preparing Before You Go?

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So, if you have decided to study abroad, you might be looking for effective ways to prepare your language skills before you depart. Some students attend ESL classes at local schools while others practice with a conversational partner. Other students buy textbooks online that are cheap and ship quickly. However, for those who are in situations where these two options are not available, then studying ESL online might be the next alternative.

During the past decade, many Websites have sprung up on the Internet, providing ESL activities to practice the major language skills including grammar, reading, and vocabulary. Perhaps the greatest interests among students are Websites that focus on listening and speaking skills. In the past, listening to audio online was a very slow process, but with the advent of high-speed connections, things have changed dramatically. A simple Internet search using the term "esl" will bring up the most prominent sites out there, but not all sites are the same. You want to look for one that combines good content with a user-friendly interface and style.

Finally, no matter which site you end up visiting, you should set some goals for your study that might include the number of vocabulary you want to learn, specific grammar structures you want to review, and even the number of minutes you read aloud from a newspaper in English.

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