Study Abroad:
Tips For ESL Students
Study Abroad: Is it Right for You?

Online Degrees: Advantages and Disadvantages

Culture Shock: Adjusting to a New Environment

Online ESL Study: Preparing Before You Go?

ESL Study Programs: Picking the Ideal School

Scholarships: Do I Qualify?

TOEFL Preparation: How and Why?

Homestay: What Can I Expect?

International Health Insurance: Do I Really Need It?

Culture Shock 2: Returning Home

Welcome to Tips4Students!

Every year, thousands of international students consider studying abroad to pursue a university degree, with the hope of better educational and work opportunities in the future. A variety of institutions may provide the types of educational experience that students are looking for overseas.

However, no matter whether you are looking for online associate degrees, an MBA, or language courses, obtaining a university education requires careful planning and research to make sure the experience is right for you.

This Website will consider the issues involving study abroad to give you perspectives on this subject. Each perspective piece includes an audio recording, so ESL students can practice their listening skills, discussion, comprehension, and pronunciation skills.

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